A Toast is a non-modal, unobtrusive window element used to display brief information to a user such as warnings, confirmations, and actions.

Design Tips

Usage indicators for the elements of a toast
  1. Appropriate use of icon for message type. (e.g. A caution toast should show the warning icon. Change the icon by selecting it and swapping with another Bridge approved icon instance.
  2. Toast messages should be concise and the message clear enough to convey the the state. Using color alone will not be accessible to some individuals. Best practice is to keep message to 1 line.
  3. Avoid using custom colors for the Toast background. Different colors can be selected by choosing the appropriate variant.
  4. Toasts have an optional quiet and/or outlined button actions that are right justified to the title and body content. On mobile screens the action button(s) wrap under the body content. Buttons should allow users to take further action on the toast.

Best Practices

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